Yoo, I am Alex Blue 👋

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A college student who wants to write code but is studying design lately and wants to become a UI&UX designer or product manager

See something interesting

🚀 And I also built a Web Music Player and Personal Drive on my website. They all came from open source projects on GitHub, which were really good and helped me a lot.

Here’s the repository links:

By the way, this website is also built by open source projects.

Here’s the links:

What i like to do

  • I like cool stuffs.

  • I like programming, although realized I’m not very good at it
  • I like Tech, and and I’m a collector of all kinds of emails.
  • I like all sorts of music, pop, jazz, rock, rap, folk, electronic, all kinds of.
  • I like new and interesting things
  • I value life and love this world.

My Story

In the past few years of my life, I made many wrong choices, wasted a lot of time, and done a lot of irreparable things.

Then I realized that the past was irreversible, and there will be more choices and things waiting for me in the future, which really inspired me.

And I really love Halsey and her songs, just as she said:

If you lose yourself, it’s never late to find yourself again.

So, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, Just do things that right for you.

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fluoxetine12 is also a new stuff for me, which is a newsletter hosted on Revue, I will post some interesting thoughts on there. Subscribe it if you like.

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